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April 18, 2010 by jbrettjacobsen

In NY Times Education LIfe, “Thousands of pieces of free educational material — videos and podcasts, entire textbooks — have been posted in the name of the open courseware movement.”  Here are the top 10 courses according to YouTube’s view-count ticker:

1. Moral Reasoning 22: Justice Harvard

2. Integrative Biology 131: General Human Anatomy University of California, Berkeley

3. Physics 10: Physics for Future Presidents University of California, Berkeley

4. Physics 1: Classical Mechanics M.I.T.

5. Introduction to Basic Electronics Indian Institutes of Technology

6. SIMS 141: Search Engines: Technology, Society and Business University of California, Berkeley

7. Computer Science 106A: Programming Methodology Stanford

8. Mathematics 18.03: Differential Equations M.I.T.

9. Modern Theoretical Physics: Einstein Stanford Continuing Studies

10. Math 18.06: Linear Algebra M.I.T.

We are not in Kansas anymore!


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