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November 15, 2009 by jbrettjacobsen

Recently, the President of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), wrote an article, “Demonstrations of Learning for 21st Century Schools” (see The Feed for full article).  Based on his extensive research and the research of many including myself, Mr. Bassett cites six basic skills and values that will be expected and rewarded in this century:

1.  character (self-discipline, empathy, integrity, resilience, and courage);

2.  creativity and entrepreneurial spirit;

3.  real-world problem-solving (filtering, analysis, and synthesis)

4.  public speaking/communications;

5.  teaming; and

6.  leadership.

Assuming that he and many leaders in education, the business world, and the technology industry are correct, what are the demonstrations of learning at MVPS?  Last week, I observed a phenomenol demonstration of 21st century skills at the School.

Over 340 projects were a part of this year’s Tech Fair at Mount Vernon where students were creative, thoughtful, and innovative from multimedia projects to robotics.  I walked through the fair and watched a 2nd grade student being interviewed by a judge about her project.  Having the courage and confidence to communicate her project was as critical as the creativity and critical thinking skills reflected in her entry. 

I would like to hear from you.  By the time a student graduates from MVPS, what are the demonstrations of learning that should be a part of his/her electronic portfolio before he/she goes to college?  Leave a comment below.


One thought on “Demonstrate Learning

  1. Patty Randall says:

    Maybe, if you take into consideration the skills and values you listed: creativity, teaming, communication, and leadership, demonstrations of project work would be appropriate for an electronic portfolio. True project work with indepth learning, cooperative work among students, teachers, and parents. it allows students to show what they know in a different way.

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